It all started out when our team tried to put together the experience of supervising students in a biology laboratory with the knowledge of how to build a software prototype that might boost the laboratory experience by catering to the needs of the at-a-distance student. Working closely for a long time allowed us to better focus on functionality that matters to the learner and to the instructor. It also allowed us to develop the technology and the development process that now lets us tackle very complex experiments, with dozens of pieces of equipment and many, many steps. Then, we decided that we also needed to investigate whether we could measure the benefits to the learners who adopt the technology, so we have initiated research on that front too. Our team is an interdisciplinary team. The first version was released in 2013. Our team is an interdisciplinary team and we keep working to improve the teaching and learning process in science laboratory courses, through this cutting-edge technology.


Professor at the Hellenic Open University

He is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence with a strong background on Software Engineering.

He is keenly interested in seeing research being put to application and reaching out to the public.

He has been providing R&D guidance and direction for Onlabs.


Assistant Professor at the Hellenic Open University

She is an Assistant Professor at the Hellenic Open University with a significant background on Molecular Biology techniques.

She has a strong motivation on distance educational material production towards laboratory familiarization, for both pre- and post-graduate students.

She contributes to the educational scenarios development with scientific advice on the laboratory techniques.


Professor at the Hellenic Open University

He is Professor of Pervasive and Mobile Computing with a strong interest in making technology serve the needs of society.

He has been supporting the systematic development of IT & digital competences of all citizens with no exclusions.

He co-ordinated a major umbrella-project in HOU on the development of innovative instruction and learning methodologies, which gave rise to Onlabs.


Adjunct Faculty & Postdoctoral Researcher at the Hellenic Open University

He holds a BSc in Mathematics and a MSc and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

He is the lead developer of Onlabs, responsible for the knowledge
engineer, software design and programming, and machine learning research and integration.


Adjunct Faculty & Postdoctoral Researcher at the Hellenic Open University

She is a Chemist M.Sc. with a Ph.D. in Science & Education.

She is impressed with the dynamics of the virtual reality technology in education.

She can provide support and advice on how to design and implement educational scenarios in science courses, enriched with VR educational tools such Onlabs, and how to assess the resulting learning benefits.



He holds a MSc in Pervasive and Mobile Computing Systems.

He is a developer on the Onlabs development team.

His research interests include Software Engineering, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.