Onlabs: A virtual lab at your hands!

Experiment safely, overcoming time and space limitations

Onlabs is a virtual reality biology lab developed by an interdisciplinary team in the School of Science and Technology at the Hellenic Open University

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For Learners

Discover a new and easy way to learn! Step into the virtual lab and acquire experimental skills safely, at your own pace, anytime, from anywhere!


For Instructors

Grow your potentials as an educator, develop your digital competencies and engage your students to build a deeper understanding and appreciation of science!


For Educational Institutions

Modernize education with learning material of cutting-edge technology, inspire and empower your students. Become part of our team and develop collaborative R&D proposals!


You may download the latest stable version v2.1.2, for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android. This version offers three Modes, the Instruction, the Evaluation and the Experimentation Mode for two simulations, the Focusing on a Specimen with an Optical Microscope and the Preparation of 10X TBE Electrophoresis Buffer.

You may also download the latest beta version v3.0, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This version offers the Experimentation Mode for the DNA Electrophoresis Simulation.