Preparation of the 10X TBE Electrophoresis Buffer

Learning outcomes

The 10X TBE (Tris-Borate-EDTA) electrophoresis buffer, is the most commonly used buffer for DNA and RNA polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. After the training with Onlabs, the user will be able to:

  • Identify all the laboratory utensils required for the preparation of an aqueous solution
  • Operate properly an electronic scale, a magnetic stirrer and an electronic pipette
  • Identify all the chemical substances required to be mixed up for the preparation of the 10X TBE buffer
  • Conduct with more confidence, the protocol for the preparation of the 10X TBE buffer in the university premises

How to navigate through the desktop app


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Desktop-Based Virtual Reality


Panoramic/Highly Immersive Virtual Reality

The Desktop-Based Virtual Reality is a computer-generated three-dimensional virtual space experienced through standard audio-visual equipment, such as the desktop computer with a two-dimensional monitor. This version of Onlabs can be installed on any PC with Windows 10 and the user can simply use the mouse to interact with the virtual lab equipment that appears on the screen of the PC.
Alternatively, Onlabs can be installed in any smartphone or tablet with an android operating system.
Onlabs comes with three Modes: The Instruction Mode, the Evaluation Mode and the Experimentation Mode.The combination of these three modes offers the user an autonomous learning experience.


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In the Instruction Mode the user performs the experiment under written and vocal instructions. To lower the intrinsic load, the experiment is divided into numerous steps. In case the learner cannot complete a specific step, he/she may click on the globe-button on the left up corner of the screen and a written hint appears to his/her help. Nevertheless, If the user fails to perform the step correctly, a wrong message appears on the screen. Only when the user completes the step successfully, the narrator congratulates him/her and he/she can proceed to the next step. This procedure is repeated step-by-step, until the user completes the whole protocol of the experiment.

Demo video Instruction Mode: 10X TBE BUFFER INSTRUCTION MODE

Pictures with users of the Panoramic/ Highly Immersive VR technology

Through the Evaluation Mode the user self-assesses his/her familiarization with the lab equipment and his/her ability to conduct successfully a specific experiment. The evaluation is based on a scoring mechanism where a percentage of progress and a percentage of penalty points quantify the user’s performance.

Demo video Evaluation Mode: 10X TBE BUFFER EVALUATION MODE

Pictures with users of the Panoramic/ Highly Immersive VR technology

The Experimentation Mode allows the user to perform the experiment without instruction nor evaluation. The learner explores all the instruments placed on the simulated bench and practices on the experiment without a specific protocol. By interacting with the lab utensils, he/she has a first-person viewpoint with the biology lab and learns in an affordable way, without any worries about causing damages or misusing the expensive and sensitive lab instruments.

Demo video Experimentation Mode:10X TBE BUFFER EXPERIMENTATION MODE

Pictures with users of the Panoramic/ Highly Immersive VR technology

Τhe Onlabs virtual environment has been recently enriched with extended reality technologies such a head-mounted device and joysticks. Onlabs, through these input devices, creates a computer-generated 360° virtual space that can be perceived as being spatially realistic. This spatial awareness tricks the users’ senses into a sensation of physical presence elevating this way the learning experience offered by the original system.

Panoramic_Highly Immersive VR_TBE 10X

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