Are you an Undergraduate or a High School Student?

Onlabs is an easy-to-use application that can help you enhance your hands-on skills, explore the lab environment and get familiar with the scientific processes.


Modernize the way you reach Knowledge:

Onlabs helps you to construct your knowledge on the basis of modern learning theories and innovative approaches. Use it as a supplementary educational tool, combine it with traditional educational material and get a clear and profound understanding of the new topics you learn.

Get ready for your physical lab:

Get familiar with the lab environment and the scientific process. Practice on operating basic laboratory instruments before appearing in your physical biology lab, acquiring this way skills and confidence needed for performing successfully the real experiments.

Learn at a distance

Access lab activities no matter where you are. Have a close-to-real-time interaction with the lab equipment by just using the mouse of your PC or the headset and the joysticks of your VR equipment. Onlabs ensures that you are not deprived of your school lab practise, in case you have difficulties to access physical labs due to personal reasons or unforeseen situations like a pandemic.

Learn at your own pace:

Make your own schedule, study and revise the experiments safely and without time constraints.

Discover an exciting new way to learn:

Find in simulations a motivating and creative experience. Onlabs offers an environment that contributes to the occurrence of meaningful learning. It facilitates student-centered, autonomous and inquiry-based learning.

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