Are you a University professor, a researcher, a lab instructor or a high school teacher?

Onlabs is an easy-to-use educational tool that can enrich teaching experiences and facilitate your students to explore the lab environment and get familiar with the scientific processes.


Engage your students in the learning procedure:

Virtual Reality laboratories show a great potential in providing essential knowledge and in ensuring students’ active attendance.

Enrich and modernize your educational toolbox:

Educators in the science field acknowledge that hands-on learning and experimental skills acquisition is central to scientific courses, regardless of whether conventional or distance learning methodologies are used. They also admit that laboratory skills cannot be developed through simple observation or just by skimming a textbook on the experimental procedures. Onlabs is a technologically modern application which can be used as the link between textbook knowledge and lab experience.

Develop your digital skills:

Onlabs can help you develop your digital literacy, a key competency for life-long learning in our digital world. Trained instructors, with developed digital competences can subsequently help their students build a more lasting understanding and appreciation of science.

Prepare your students for the physical lab:

Onlabs safely prepares the novice students for the experiments performed in the physical labs leading to increased learning outcomes.

Access Onlabs Support Material:

A series of instructional videos and continuous support material are available to you to easily learn how to install and use Onlabs and embed it in your teaching scenarios.

Become a valuable partner:

Our team is actively involved in R&D projects.

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