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Onlabs can help Educational Institutions enrich the conventionally applied learning methods, in an attempt to satisfy and engage their students in the learning procedure during the laboratory science courses.


Incorporate a cutting-edge technology in teaching

Onlabs is based on the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality and as a result, it enriches the learning procedure and helps the new generation of students to grasp the core of science.

Improve the students’ laboratory skills

Onlabs supports the idea that laboratory skills are better obtained through a repetitive performance of the experiments, even if this performance occurs in a virtual environment. Besides, the human brain seems to perceive better and assimilate easier new knowledge through three dimensional computer-graphics representation than through a simple text.

Help the students to achieve their best potential

Virtual Reality is a cutting-edge technology that fascinates the new generation. Via Onlabs the learners have increased their levels of achievement in science by being active participants in the learning process.

Shift effectivelly to online and distance learning

Onlabs is a promising up-to-date and sophisticated software that supports the sudden shift to online and distance learning education. It could be used not only in situations like the pandemic or other disasters, but also in typical educational conditions.

Save costs

The incorporation of Onlabs in the learning procedure is a robust solution for institutions to overcome the expensive update of physical laboratories.

Provide a safe environment for the students

Onlabs helps to overcome the safety issues that arise in real lab environments from the unprepared students.

Become a valuable partner

Onlabs gives schools and institutions the opportunity to share their proposals and develop collaborative R&D projects.

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